Built on a strong basis of century-long history of Argan oil use, ARGANICARE , an ancient-originated & exotic experience combined with new-age technologies in cosmetic science. A high performance line infused in carefully chosen formulations, ARGANICARE ™ gets even more active and penetrative properties for skin & hair. ARGANICARE is an all incompassing solution containing vitamins, Omega 7, 5, 3 and 9 fatty acids, and antioxidants to deeply yet weightlessly nourish and repair hair from the inside out to renew natural texture and provide a healthy, glowing feel & shine. 

Argan Oil the "liquid gold"– a centuries old native Moroccan secret, supplying radiance and nourishment to hair and skin . Organically grown, lightweight and rich in fatty acids and vitamin E is the ultimate restorative, invigorating and revitalizing luxury spa feel solution for protection, hydration and an exotic healthy shine. Containing one of the strongest antioxidants – Tocopherol, acting as a natural anti-inflammatory compound, promoting blood circulation and regeneration.


Enriched with ECOCERT certified organic oils: 

Argan                                  supreme nourishment
Shea                                    added moisture
Macadamia                         instant repair


Arganicare is a uniquely formulated line to hydrate your hair, deeply nourish and revitalize while protecting it from damaging environmental factors.


Argan. Organic. Care. 

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